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Best Ideas For White Wedding Decorations

Wedding favors are always a thing that you think about  when planning a wedding. It is a way of your saying thank  you for coming and being a part of our lives. Since you are looking for ideas that are friendly to your  wedding budget and want them to be something the guest  will enjoy and not just toss in a drawer or somewhere else  it is becoming quite trendy to do take home edible  goodies. You can choose to buy them, or even a better thought, if  you have time and help, is to make them as it is so much  more personal and cost effective. There are a number of ways you can do this and if you  allow the guest to make their choices it is fun for them. Check out these 14 really good ideas for those enjoyable edible wedding favors!!!

A variety of mini brownies for your guests to choose as edible wedding favors

1. Have a station set up with mini brownies and éclairs,  cookies, candy, little pies or tarts, fudge and little  cream puffs. Use both of your favorites and add that to the assortment  noting that you wish to share your faves with them. Be sure to provide take-home boxes or bags along with  small scoops and tongs for their convenience.

2. Fill small mason jars with a favorite brownie or cookie mix and instructions on how to bake them.

3. Have a variety of mini donuts for your guests to choose a few to take home with them at the end of the evening. Might be fun to have them iced in your theme colors if you wish.

4. Set up a pop corn and kettle corn buffet with different flavors such as caramel, chocolate, plain for those who  want a taste of the traditional and how about doing a one  or two savory flavors also.

5. A choice of a couple of kinds of nuts such as peanuts,  almonds and cashews both salted and unsalted make a nice  offering too.

6. If the budget allows surprise your guests as they leave and have a food truck parked near the door so they can  choose some favorite treats of theirs to take home with  them.

7. At any age who doesn’t love a candy or caramel apple to munch on as they make their way home? Colorful macaroons are great favors to offer your guests.

8. Still popular and easy to handle are the cake pops in a variety of flavors and frosting.

9. The always popular cupcakes can be offered in different flavors and icings and they are easy to handle.

10. Very trendy now and so good are macaroon and they come in many colors. I am sure you can find your wedding theme  colors.

11. You can, of course, have candy, cookies, and other treats personalized with your monogram or names.

12. If you are having a breakfast or late morning brunch  than have muffins like you served or breakfast mini coffee cakes or pastries ready for your guests to take home.

13. Have an assortment of fresh fruit such as small bags  of cherries, juicy oranges, a few kinds of apples or  pears. It’s really your choice. It also depends on your location and the time of year what is available.

14. Remember some guests might have dietary issues so  provide a few selections that are sugarless. gluten free  and/or low carbs as a thoughtful gesture to those guests. Believe me it will be most appreciated and long remembered that you didn’t forget them. Well there are 14 ideas I hope you will find useful and  Happy Wedding Day! You might have some other ideas you have enjoyed and eaten  at a wedding or are planning for yours and we ask with our thanks that you share them with us.

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