Traditional Bakul Siah Wedding Basket used by Peranakan Chinese

Best ideas For Wedding Traditions

When you are planning wedding shower decorations remember the guests are coming to honor and celebrate the bride and her approaching wedding day. The decorations should reflect those very things in a simple, but lovely way. This can be done inexpensively, yet beautifully, if you take the time and use your creative talents Ask your friends and family if they have any suggestions, or if they would help make the shower a “remember forever” party for the bride. Flowers may be purchased at the supermarket florist and arranged in vases you probably already have in your home. Try to buy in season flowers as a savings to you. It would be a neat thing to use the wedding theme colors, or the bride’s favorite color in the centerpiece arrangements and other decorations around the party area. An extra touch of tying a tulle or satin ribbon around the vase would give it a really finished look.

Balloon bouquets tied to an object on the table makes a cheerful table centerpiece.

Scatter silk rose petals, usually available in a craft store, around the base of the balloons and on the table. The wedding shower cake, placed on a sturdy box which has been positioned under the tablecloth, is certainly a great way to solve the centerpiece problem and highlight the bride and her shower day. A really nice favor idea for each guest would be to buy small bud vases in the shower colors, then place a single flower in it along with a tag and the guest’s name on it. Another pretty favor is to buy small votive candles and the small paper umbrellas for each guest. Attach a tag with guest’s name on it to the umbrella and stick it in the candle. Candles, always warm and romantic, placed different places in the home give a personal and intimate feeling to the occasion.

Even an arrangement of candles on a mirror with silk rose petals scattered around them makes a striking centerpiece. Do make sure that the rose petals are not near the open flame of a candle. A wonderful thing to do is to fill a collage frame with pictures of the bride and groom at places they have been and things they have done, including pictures at their engagement party, if they had one. This can be a special presentation to the bride at her shower. You might ask the invited guests if they have any special pictures of the couple they could send to you prior to the shower to be included. How could the bride not love this? The best thing to keep in mind with wedding shower decorations is that they are there to compliment the main attraction, which is the bride. You can make this happen with your planning and creativity and it will also show the guest of honor how much you wanted to make this her special occasion.

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