Best Ideas For Spring Wedding Centerpieces

Brides are starting to choose an all white wedding theme both for its simplicity and elegance. If this is your choice you can incorporate its use in just about any aspect of your wedding decor and we are concentrating on wedding centerpieces in the article. White is a color and reflects all colors of the visible light spectrum to the eyes. This color can be used during any season of the year and you might even want to add pale tints of a peach, blue, pink or green for a bit of interest. Here are some lovely ideas to help you along.

There are shades of white you may use such as bright white, ivory, cream, snow white to mention only a few. White centerpieces can span the entire range from casual to elegant in their look and be expensive or inexpensive as you want and you can even easily create do-it-yourself centerpiences! White roses and stephanotis in a clear vase with white votives placed around it. White calla lilies either in a tall vase using 1 to 3 stems or a bunch of calla lilies in a larger vase. A candle on each side finishes the look. White hydrangea with stem cut close to the bloom and floated in a clear bowl and faux crystals scattered around the base of the bowl. How about all white candles in various shapes and sizes arranged on a reflective mirror with faux crystals scattered around them.

And here are some more casual centerpieces:

White sunflowers from 1 to 3 stems cut and arranged in a medium tall vase and placed on a reflective mirror with white confetti sprinkled on it. Small white painted pots of live flowers such as white baby roses, tulips or daisies and white confetti scattered around them makes a very pretty centerpiece. Other Centerpiece Ideas Remember that when you are deciding on your centerpieces they should be low enough for guests to see over them or tall enough for the guests to see across. Another idea for your reception white wedding centerpieces is the use white balloons arranged attractively. You may have the balloons in heart shapes and personalized for your special day. Check out other shapes and ideas as it is an inexpensive and striking way of doing a centerpiece.

A tasty idea for an all white wedding centerpiece is to fill interesting jars and bowls with different kinds of white candy in an arrangement and, to make it more inviting, use some tiers to place the candies on. Invite the guests to enjoy the candy as the reception goes on. White frosted and decorated cupcakes placed on a tiered cupcake stand is another way of using food as a centerpiece and letting the guests enjoy; the cupcakes served are especially nice if you offer various flavors so the guests have a choice. As you can see there are many ideas to make a white wedding centerpiece very special and beautiful. Hopefully this will start your creative juices going and you will come up with other ideas. Please share with me any other white wedding centerpieces that you have seen and enjoyed; just comment below and thank you.

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