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Having a tasty barbeque wedding reception

If your wedding plans are being made for a less formal wedding reception and the weather permits an outdoor affair how about a barbeque wedding reception?It can be a lot of fun, less expensive and most enjoyable for you and your guestsThere is a caution that goes along with this great idea and that is when grilling for a large number of people you need to plan ahead and have one or two persons to watch over the barbeque at all times.As the two of you and your families will be busy in many other ways you need someone reliable and efficient at barbequing. Someone who can be available and have a helper the whole time so you will not have to worry about how things are going and that they are running smoothly.Note these things that it is important for you be aware of to have the guests and your enjoy the barbeque and your day.Here are a number of things that you should take care of having prior to your wedding day.

1. Depending on the number of people you will be having and grilling for, the size of the grill is important.If you are grilling for a large group do not even attempt it on a small kettle grill as it simply won’t work.The thing is you must have ample space to make it go smoothly and at least 500 square inches is recommended with more than that even better.You can, of course, use more that one grill at the same time to accomplish want you need to do.

2. Choosing a gas or a charcoal grill leaves you with things to consider in either caseA great gas barbeque grill for your barbeque wedding receptionGas grills are most likely easier and faster and does not need as much attention as a charcoal grill and this makes it more ideal for a large wedding group.Do have an extra couple of propane fuel tanks on hand howeverCharcoal grills take longer to reach a good cooking heat and if the meal will be lasting a long time the charcoal will cool down if not attended by someone to make sure it stays at a proper heat to cook as you wish it to.Be sure you have a number of large bags of charcoal so you do not run the risk of running low or running out.

3. Preparation of the Food I cannot put enough emphasis on being sure that the food marinating, chopping, slicing and laying out of the food  on trays, platters or bowls should be done quite a bit ahead of time.Your ingredients and your supplies should be laid out so they are ready to go when the cooking begins and avoid as best you can running around and feeling panic at the last minute.Whatever you can do one to two days before do it will make you a much happier person than trying to do all at the last moment.

4. Planning the preparation of Your Food Take the time and care you need to do a tasty and successful wedding barbeque menu that all will enjoy.You should stay away from long cooking things such as roasts that take 30 minutes or more. Look to do rather quick and inexpensive things Do your best to plan what you are preparing to serve be done at about the same time and this is easier done with smaller and thinner portions.As examples thin chicken strips or thinly sliced tender beef cook pretty quickly aside from being very good, while a rack of ribs or a good size tri-tip could take 30 to 60 minutes or more depending on the size.Hot dogs and hamburgers are the perfect easy and fast thing to do but you might want something you feel is fancier and looks more festive.

5.  Barbeque Food Ideas for Main Course Gourmet sausages for your barbeque wedding reception
Very nice options when you are deciding on what to barbeque are marinated skirt steaks which are less expensive than New York or Rib Eye.These steaks can be marinated overnight, are a thinner cut and really good cooked a few minutes on each side on a good hot grill.Chicken breast strips or teriyaki marinated chicken strips cook a lot faster than whole breasts and you can marinate them in a variety of wonderful marinades.How about (Bul-go-gi) or Korean BBQ for something a bit different and you could use pork or beef. Perhaps ask your butcher to thinly slice the meat for you and you need only to marinate it and your ready to grill at the wedding reception.There are many recipes you can find such as on the internet or in barbeque cook books.One of my favorite things to do are gourmet sausages and they are simply delicious barbequed.Let me add they are fairly inexpensive and the flavors are almost endless. Another advantage is they cook in a short time and you can fit a good number of them on your grill.Don’t forget lamb or pork chops if the budget allows and they are smaller portions of meat and so tasty when grilled with a little seasoning, spices or herbs.Brush them with some olive oil, crushed garlic and fresh ground pepper and salt. It’s as simply as that and WOW are they good!!!

6. Grilled Vegetables and Fruits Don’t forget your vegetarian friends and do some grilled vegetables and fruit on a separate grill. You can find recipes to use in books or again on the internet.This is just a small idea of the wonderful food you can serve your guests if you decide on a wedding barbeque. ENJOY!!!!
We hope you have other wonderful ideas and tips to add to this in the comment space below and thanks for doing that.

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