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Many beautiful traditional Italian Weddings are held in this church

CIAO,There are many Italian wedding traditions and maybe you would like to include some of them in your coming wedding.A number of these traditions date back to ancient Rome and today are still a part of the wedding day festivities Here are some of them that you might want to consider.Italian weddings are usually held in a church and Italian tradition strictly prohibits a wedding ceremony being held during Lent or Advent, or in the month of May, as this month is dedicated to the Virgin Mary.August is considered a month the is not desirable as it is thought to symbolize bad luck and sickness.

The Traditions of the Ceremony:

A traditional Italian wedding is most often held on Sunday morning with an early mass. his is considered the luckiest day to marry.The expression “tie the knot” comes from the Italian’s tying a ribbon above the church door to show a union is to take place shortly in the church.A groom will carry a piece of iron in his pocket to ward off evil spirits and the bride should not wear any gold until they exchange wedding rings.As the bride and groom leave the church the custom is to throw confetti to symbolize fertility and prosperity. It can be paper confetti, rice or grains.

The Traditions of the Reception:

Italians most often have large parties with many family members and friends attending and include several courses of food. The number of courses depend on how formal or informal the wedding day is.Foods served would probably include Italian wedding soup, bread and cheese, chicken or lamb entrees, pastas,  desserts and the very traditional sugared almonds.Entertainment is very important and would include a live band and dancing to all hours.A traditional wedding cirtcle dance is the tarantella and an integral part of any good Italian wedding reception.Italian wedding decorations usually include an abundance of flowers and ribbons. The colors and theme is based on the wishes of the bride and the bride’s family.

Other Long Time Italian Wedding Traditions:

The newly weds in ancient Rome would eat honey for the duration of “one moon” after the wedding thus the custom of using “honeymoon” as the beginning of the new life together.In several regions of Italy it is the custom to hand down the wedding veil from bride to bride through the generations.Also coming from Ancient Rome is the tradition of carrying the bride over the threshold. This was so the bride would not trip over the threshold as that was considered to be a sign of misfortune and the gods did not want to welcome her.Diamond rings go way back to medival Italy as it was their belief that that diamond was created by the “flames of love.”Seems like ancient Italian wedding traditions have had a long lasting impression on our contemporary weddings don’t you think?Please add any Italian wedding traditions you might have used or have seen at a wedding and thanks for taking the time and ADDIO!!!

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