Best Great Gatsby Themed Wedding Ideas

The beauty of Lace and Pearls for a wedding theme. A vintage wedding theme is taking on a bit of a new look with the lovely and romantic look of lace and pearls and I love it. Gatsby and the trendy 1920′s look probably has a lot to do with that. Here are some ideas you can use when you plan a vintage lace and pearl theme and is there a more elegant, graceful and lush look than that. It also is a theme that  combines beautifully for a chic rustic theme. Just use your imagination and creative ideas for the look you want on your very special day. Now is the time to check out your lace and pearl theme ideas  so read on and I know you will find some things that will fit into your plans.

A lovely lace trimmed wedding invitation

Your invitations should give your guests the first idea of what your wedding theme will be, so start with a vintage looking paper and tie the inner envelope with a pretty lace bow or edge the invitation with a thin strip of lace. Get family and friends to help you with this and make a fun time of it for all. You will appreciate the help and they will love being involved in this part of your wedding plans. Just how you will want to carry the lace and pearl theme throughout your wedding decorations is a personal choice. You may want lots of lace, pearls and frills or simply accents of that vintage look.

Your Ceremony Decorations

Start with a lace runner for you to walk down and your aisle pews draped with lace and faux pearls with a bit of baby’s breath at each pew for a really soft vintage look. For your flower arrangements have the florist add pearl bouquet picks to them and perhaps a large lace bow.

Moving on to the reception

By the way, be sure and take your beautiful arrangements from the ceremony to the reception as a cost saver and just because they are so lovely. Place cards tied with lace and/or small pearls to a vintage key make a nice keepsake for the guest, don’t you think? Set your tables with vintage looking lace cloths and use a faux pearl napkin rings to encircle your napkins. You can also use a damask cloth and a lace runner down the center if you like that look better.

Here’s a stunning centerpiece idea for your lace and pearl wedding

Your centerpieces might take on a variety of looks such as, cut pieces of pretty lace of your choice into squares or rectangles and arrange in a crinkled manner in the center of the table. Set a votive in a clear holder on top and arrange a string of faux pearls in an attractive manner around it. Or on your lace runner  place a reflective mirror and then buy inexpensive champagne glasses. Put a tall pillar candle on the mirror and surround the candle or set a champagne glass on each side with pearls and lace ribbon spilling out of them for a romantic look. If flowers are your choice stick pearl picks in the arrangements and add pretty lace bows.

Lace and pearls are popular for outdoor  weddings especially when you combine them with collectable or even reclaimed furniture such as a table or buffet piece to display your wedding favors before giving them out. The lace and pearls look fantastic wrapped around a jar or vase or an edible item you choose to say thank you to your guests. Another great idea is to honor your family with photos of them from their weddings or the like and display them on one of your pieces of furniture you are using covered with a lace runner or doily. Your wedding cake is a beautiful way to carry out the lace and pearls theme. Have your baker use the edible pearls available as part of the  decoration and he can recreate the look of lace with the icing. If you choose cupcakes there are really pretty paper cupcake holders in lace or filigree designs. Be sure to see pictures of the baker’s work before you ask him to do your cake Also, have him give you a taste of what he will be doing for you to make sure it is what you want served at your wedding.

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