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Best Budget-Friendly Wedding Centerpieces

A wedding being planned with an Easter theme combines the beauty and joy of the season with the wonders and happiness of your wedding day. Easter was named for the Saxon goddess Eastre who was the goddess of dawn, the shining light arising from the East.
An often asked question about Easter Day is why does the date change so much year by year? The reason is because Easter is calculated as the first Sunday after the first full moon on or after March 21. You can have spring flowers and colors, Easter decorations and the many things that say “today we start a new life together.” Let me show you what I mean…

There are many ideas for this theme and I will suggest some of the things that are lovely and hopefully keep you within your budget.
The first advantage you have is that if you are being married in a church it should already be decorated with flowers and candles and such for the Easter season; this in itself is a big cost saver. You may not need anything more than an aisle runner and decorations for the aisle pews and if you are having a unity ceremony, a set-up for that. There are so many fun and lovely things I enjoy at this special time let me give you some ideas and you can take it from there.

Easter Colors

A lovely Choice of Colors for Your Easter-Themed Wedding Easter colors include colors are soft pastels in shades of yellow, Tiffany blue, cream, white, green, pink, rose, lilac, blue and apricot; combinations of 2 or 3 of these would work very well. Here are some combinations to help get you started on deciding on theme colors that are just right for an Easter themed wedding. Use those color ideas or expand on them to suit your own personal style.

Easter Flowers

Traditional Easter Lily for Your Wedding The traditional Easter Flower is the lily. The white lily is a symbol of purity and is a single flower stem coming up from a bulb which represents, to Christians, Christ coming back to life 3 days after his crucifixion. Other countries have other traditional Easter flowers. Russia and the UK have the pussy willow as “their Easter flower”. Actually the narcissus was the flower associated with Easter in most ancient countries and in parts of Europe it is still the traditional flower. A wonderful and simple centerpiece is a potted tulip, daffodil or daisy plant on a bed of Easter grass with small stuffed bunny rabbits and/or decorated Easter eggs surrounding it. Use seasonal flowers abundantly for the fresh and cheerful look of your wedding and the Easter theme you have chosen.

The Origins of Easter

The celebration of Easter the season of spring, new beginnings and renewal. It was said that Eastre carried a basket of eggs to signify new beginnings and new life. Baskets can be used in a number of ways such as table centerpieces and filled with a variety of things. Small ones as wedding favor containers and a name tag for each guest tied to them as place cards does double duty. Buy inexpensive baskets and either spray them white or spray paint your colors and fill with Easter straw. Dye hard-cooked eggs with your colors or a variety of colors and then you might decorate with glitter or colored faux gems. These same baskets filled with candy or fruit or small living spring plants and decorated with lovely tulle bows make dynamite looking centerpieces at a low cost. For a less formal and sort of whimsical thing arrange on a bed of Easter grass a few small stuffed Easter toys in a basket with a handle and tie a festive bow on the handle.

Easter Eggs

The most elaborate Easter egg traditions seems to have started in Eastern Europe and the eggs were painted gold and silver. Buy inexpensive Easter egg cups and fill each one with small candy eggs then tie a ribbon with a name tag attached around the thin part of the cup stem for a great favor and place card. Arrange a runner of wheat grass down the table or arrange a bed of it in the center of the table; you can then place pretty Easter eggs and flowers attractively on top of it. A Centerpiece of Easter Eggs and A Bunny for a Just Right Centerpiece Elegant and simple is to take clear glass bowls and do nothing more than arrange beautifully decorated Easter eggs in them and place them on florist moss for a stunning table centerpiece. For added beauty, light a theme colored pillar candle on each side of the bowl but be careful about placing anything flammable nearby. This wonderful theme can be carried out starting with the invitations, through the table linens, decorating the wedding cake table and the wedding cake itself. Well, there you are and may this Easter wedding theme make your wedding day just a bit more special as you start a new beginning together. Please comment below on any Easter wedding theme ideas you might add to this article and thanks so much.

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