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Winter Wedding Favors Boxed and With Personal Seal

After the hectic holiday season is when you have planned your wedding day to be. Yet there is still that feeling of holiday in the air and it is a wonderful time for this day of days. Winter wedding favors are very personal things for the guest who receives it and you who gives itThere are probably not to many new things to give as winter wedding favors, but what makes them unique is the personal touch you give them by choosing them to say “thank you” to your family and guests.These favors in keeping with the time of year should give a feeling of warmth and coziness.Here is an idea a bit different and will be remembered for that reason. Plan to give your women guests one favor and your men guests a different one.

As an example:

  •  The women could be given a scented pine cone or sachet
  •  Bath salts packaged to resemble a snow cone
  •  White soap in winter designs
  •  The men would love a winter- themed mug
  •  Winter themed drink coasters
  •  Winter wine stoppers

As the guests are leaving have a place setup so you can direct them to an attendant who will give them a favor from the men’s box or the ladies box. The boxes should be decorated in the theme colors to make them look inviting and interesting.Another different idea is to give out small boxes or bags of chestnuts, or take another approach and look into having your caterer set up a roasting station so that guests can take home the freshly warmed treats at the end of the night.Again to make your favors a bit different, package them nicely in your theme or theme colors, Show your guests that you have taken the time to make them personal by adding a note from the two of you or a poem you both love and tie with personalized ribbon.Here is a suggestion list of winter wedding favors as a guide and  starting point for ideas of your own.

  • Chocolate Truffle Winter Wedding Favors
  • Silver-wrapped candies
  • Individual frosted sugar cookies in igloo boxes
  • Truffles or chocolates in personalized boxes
  • White choclates in winter-themed molded shapes
  • Ivory and white personalized large lollipops
  • Any variety of cookie or muffin mix in personalized wrap
  • Winter-themed tins of mints
  • The above to name a few
  • Drinkables
  • Give These Small Bottles as Winter Wedding Favors
  • Individual bottles of champagne or wine
  • Winter wrapped drink mixes of hot chocolate, flavored teas, hot spiced apple cider
  • Individual cocktail mixes of many varieties
  • Coffee mixes and cappuccino mixes
  • Remember that any of these can be personalized for you
  • Other Ideas for Winter Wedding Favors
  • Snowflake key rings
  • Snowflake embellished gel candles
  • Faux crystal paper weights
  • White, silver or gold tea light candles
  • Personalized Christmas ornaments
  • Small pots of live holly or poinsettias

A holiday cookie cutter and attach a favorite cookie recipes with your names and wedding date on itAs you can tell there are many wonderful and inexpensive wedding favors to choose from.It is really important that you consider the time of year you will be giving these favors and don’t choose something that would look out of place. Your winter wedding favors are an extension of the two of you and be sure and convey that to your special guests.I would love to hear if you have any winter wedding favors that are different and unique. Please comment below and many thanks.

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