Flowers and mason jar at wedding

Best Altar Flowers for a Wedding

Spring is coming soon and the deadline for spring weddings are drawing near. It’s time to seriously be thinking about your wedding decorations particularly your reception centerpieces. Here are some great new ideas for spring wedding centerpieces and flowers in keeping with the bright and lovely coming of the season. As you choose your theme and colors, the pretty pastels and seasonal flowers come to mind. Flower such as tulips, peonies, daffodils, lilies and daisies are perfect for a bright, light spring centerpiece; and, of course, using seasonal flowers will save you a pretty penny as well. There are so many kinds of flower containers you can use, other than vases, and below are 9 new ideas for you to use or to inspire your own creative ideas.

You can use umbrellas in various ways depending upon your theme but here are some general things you can do. Get some child size umbrellas and turn them over and fill them with real or silk flowers. Then, wrap flowers around the handle and stretch out strings of clear teardrop beads from the top of the handle to the edges to look like drops of rain. Another idea is to get some large lace, or themed related fabric — umbrellas with long handles and set it up on the table to open above the guests heads — make it high enough so people aren’t banging their heads — and you can do so many things with the handle and the area around the base of the umbrella. You can use tiny umbrellas surrounded by flowers and other interesting, theme-related, things can bring a really interesting element to the center of your table.

Using Watering Cans as Wedding Centerpieces

You can get some interesting looking watering cans with a pretty mixed bouquet of flowers overflowing over the top and place them in the center of the table surround with silk flower petals. They can also be used as a great accent piece for spring/summer weddings; for example, like on the buffet table at the right.
And don’t think that watering cans should only be used with a rustic type of wedding. The range of watering cans available online now means you can use them in everything from the most informal wedding to a ritzy, formal wedding. You can make a theme-specific painted terra cotta pots and fill them with plants, flowers, clear or colored glass beads, or any number of things. You can also use them as centerpiece snack bars, just get a small lazy Susan and 5-6 smaller pots on it then put a selection of candies, dried fruit, nuts, and other tasty snacks. Terra cotta pots can even  double as a wedding favors. You can either have the favors — seed packets, framed photos, etc., even several selections — in the pots and tell your guests to take one. Alternatively, you can use the pots themselves as favors by having enough for each guest at the table and fill them with great gifts; then each guest can just pick up a pot to take with them.

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