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Wedding Invitation Etiquette Tips

Wedding Signs are a good idea and practical as well.

You want your wedding to be an adventure showing off your personalities so here are some fun and some practical ideas that will help make your ceremony and day complete.I am going to touch on 15 ideas and tips  that might be a  bit different.  Some for just fun and some  practical ideas and maybe there are a couple of them you haven’t seen yet.  I hope so.Try asking friends and family if they have been to a wedding or they included  something that they thought was fun or practical and it ended  up really working well.Research  the internet or wedding books and magazines as good sources of ideas and DIY instructions  that might be useful.Something that a guest has not seen a lot of at other weddings they have attended are the things they will remember and talk about.Take a look at some of the ideas I have below.

1.  If it is an outdoor setting or an indoor setting where you have the chance to arrange your own seating plan you can think about having the chair place in a circular fashion around the ceremony area.Use pallet ottomans for your beach wedding seatingA beach wedding would be great with pallet ottomans for your guests.A picnic wedding with big comfy pillows or blankets arranged for the guests are also ideas. You can even label them as you would tables for your guests convenience.
2. Your choice if you wish a non-traditional song played as you walk down the aisle.Maybe there is a song the two of you truly relate to, or a favorite movie might have a swong in it that moves you, go for it.
3. If you want your bouquet to last forever opt for try a fabric bouquet. As it will be made for you only you can have it customized using your theme colors.A brooch bouquet is another “save for always” idea and it give you a way to have lovely heirloom family brooches used and even carry picures of loving family members that are in the brooches. Perhaps there are those no longer with you that you wish to honor and remember.
4. Some of your guests get tear-eyed with joy at the occasion you offer them hankies as they arrive and are seated.Opt for a pretty lantern rather than flowers for your bridesmaid’s to carry
5. How about having your bridesmaid carry something other than flowers.Gift them with a lovely clutches and have a corsage attached to it for them to carry.A pretty lantern lit with a led-light is quite romantic and in the evening even give an extra glow to the ceremony.
6. Have each of your maids sign the bottom of you shoes and perhaps leave a shoet note. Then at the end of the day tradition says that the names of the single maids remaining will be the next married.
7. Why not have your ceremony events outlined on a chalkboard rather than a program.If you are outdoors offer fans with the ceremony printed on the fans.
8. Rather than having the guest book for signing at the reception have them sign it as the enter the ceremony area which will insure more people sign it.Sometimes at the reception they don’t see it or think they will sign later and then don’t.
9. There are so many ideas for wedding ring “pillows” now choose something different and suits the two of you more perhaps.
10. Have the groom and groomsmen wear something other than a flower in the lapel.Pick something that signifies your theme, or something that the groom enjoys such as sports or his hobby instead.
11. Writing your own vows is a very special, very personal and very romantic thing to do.It takes time and thought and the desire to truly want to share this experience with each other in a most intimate way.
12. Here’s an idea that I really like and that is if you are having a beach wedding bury vases in the sand along your wedding aisles and when you place the flowers in them it looks as though they are growing out of the sand.
13. Want your Grandmother to be thrilled then ask them to be your flowers girls at your werdding.
14. On your way back down the aisle stop for a moment give Mom, Dad or other family member a hug and kisses before proceeding.

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