This is the strange reason why bridesmaids traditionally wear the same dresses

There are many things to consider when planning your wedding. The perfect dress, the signature fragrance, the table plans, and the flowers, as well as whether you want your DJ to play some cheesy oldies at the end of the evening, are all things to consider.

Many people follow strange wedding traditions without understanding the reasons behind them. Did you know, for example, that an old custom dictates that the wife stands on the left? The groom wanted his right arm to be free so he could fight off potential suitors who might want to steal his wife.

It turns out that there is another equally strange reason why bridesmaids wear the same dress.

The tradition of the bride’s closest friends and family wearing the same dress is still followed.

According to Mental Floss, this custom dates back to the ancient Romans. However, in those days, bridesmaids did not wear identical dresses. No, no. The bride wore the same dress.


The lady who is to be married would surround herself with decoys to distract evil spirits or the dreaded ex-boyfriends, who may be looking to win her back. Scary.

Dressing a few female friends all in the same outfit will confuse spirits and ex-boyfriends, allowing the couple to walk down the aisle uninterrupted.

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