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A Valentine Wedding Message Says it All

As it is only a few months away, at least in wedding planning time, from a special day for lovers I thought it was time to give some ideas in you are having a Valentine’s Day wedding.What’s nice about having a wedding at that time of year is that it allows you to share your love story in a very special way.I’ve written a previous article on Valentine weddings but this is a very different take on the most special day for weddings and love. So read on and get yourself ready for a wedding date…

The Very First Thing You Need to Do

When planning a Valentine wedding, it is particularly critical to book your location and vendors as early as you can.Remember, that vendors are busy with their normal Valentine’s Day celebrations so to get the best prices, and still have your dream wedding, it requires early planning and ordering of, as much as possible, the things that you want for your day.As you might imagine, it is critically important to book the wedding and reception locations.All the romantic and intimate venues will be in big demand very early so you need to do them first thing in the wedding planning process.Now I will offer some ideas and suggestions that should help to make your hearts and those of your guests remember this particular February 14th.Let your guests know your theme with the wedding invitation you send out The Ultimate Way to Share the LovYou can really get your guests into the mood of the wedding and give them something they will never, ever forget Ask all married, and other committed couples, to stand with you, at their seats, as you take your vows and to silently reaffirm theirs along with you.

It’s the best way ever to put them in the mood of your wedding and is a wonderful way to remind each couple of their own special day while connecting them with yours; they’ll remember you and your wedding whenever they think of theirs.Use your invitations to start setting the mood by inviting them to join you in celebrating your love and romance at your wedding.This is your opportunity to say what the day and the two of you mean to each other.Music is Love to the Ears and Soul The music for your wedding day would call for something romantic, if you are a traditionalist then something like a string group or a classical guitar is the way to go, otherwise use your own tastes to decide what means romance to you and your guests — from a piano to a heavy metal band.To save money, get a DJ but make sure to specify that the play list has lots of your favorite love songs to help retain the mood.Choose some beautiful and favorite love songs for your first dance, the mother and son dance, and the father and daughter dance.Lovely Tulips for a Valentine Wedding

What’s Valentine’s Day Without Flowers?

To keep your wedding flower costs well within a tight wedding budget, rather than roses which are especially expensive (I mean really expensive) in February, you should opt for lovely red or pink tulips, hydrangea (one of my personal favorites), and freeshia.Take time to check out all the flowers that are available in reds and pinks this time of the year.Be sure to order your flowers early so you get what you want at the best price possible.Other Cool Valentine-y Things to Do When you decide on your wedding favors, attach a special note to each guest thanking them for “being your Valentine” on that day and being part of the love that’s in the air at your wedding.Here is an idea for your tables, rather than using numbers for designations, name each table after a well known romantic couple either real or in fiction; this can be anything from Wilma and Fred Flintsone to Antony and Cleopatra to Elizabeth and Robert Browning to Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier to Bogie and Bacall.Your table decorations for each table should reflect the romantic couple that you have named the table after; it’ll be as fun for you to plan as it will be for your guests to enjoy.Paint the bride and groom chairs red and tie a Valentine that’s been signed by all the guests to the back of each chair of their chairs.And Then There is the Food
Food at a Valentine’s Day wedding should reflect the romance of the holiday and the occasion.When it comes to deciding on food there are a number of things that are considered appropriate food for a Valentine’s Day wedding, — or just any of your great ideas; just put them in the comments below.

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